What is Resuce RXx?

What is RescueRXx™?

RescueRXx™ is a beautifully smelling daily keratin treatment for damaged finger and toe nails. Your clients will apply the highly effective treatment twice a day at home on bare, natural nails for one to four weeks.

Containing the same protein your nails are made from, natural keratin, Rescue RXx™ repairs nails damaged by mechanical force and environmental effects. This is due to each time it is applied, the keratin deposits into the damaged areas of the nail repairing damage such as cracking, white spots, peeling and splitting nails. natural keratin in the formula is cruelty free and is taken from sheep wool.

Features and Benefits

Not only does RescueRXx™ repair damaged nails but repeated use also drives the keratin and jojoba oil deeper into the nail bed creating a cumulative effect that rebuilds the keratin back into the natural nails state.

The deeply penetrating jojoba seed oil has excellent moisturising and conditioning properties. It also acts as a carrier to increase the penetration of the other ingredients: Keratin protein; a main component of the nail that bonds to the natural nail to help strengthen the nail plate. Sweet Almond oil; infused with the other ingredients to soften and condition the natural nail.

RescueRXx™ with nail coatings

Although, you may get some partial penetration through CND Shellac or Vinylux, for optimum results with RescueRXx™ you should use it on bare, natural nails. RescueRXx will not penetrate through nail enhancements at all.

While wearing a nail coating it would be more beneficial to use SolarOil rather than RescueRXx™. Even though the jojoba and sweet almond oil in RescueRXx™ will penetrate the coating and benefit the nail and skin the Keratin Protein will not. So, if your client has a nail coating on then SolarOil, if not then RescueRXx™.

Why do I need RescueRXx™?

RescueRXx™ is great for clients who have cracking, peeling, splitting nails and/or have white spots. So:

  • New clients who want to restore natural nail health before having a nail coating.
  • Clients who pick off their nail coating causing damage.
  • Non-nail clients
  • Toenail clients, great for toes that have been neglected over winter to get them sandal ready again.
  • RescueRXx™ is not designed for clients who are successfully wearing a CND coating; they should continue with their SolarOil as normal.

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